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// Revolutionary innovation: The Two Ram Baler

Automated process of high efficiency

Two Ram Baler - This is the name of a completely newly developed innovation from Europress.

A mobile two-way press was constructed here that is mounted on a crawler chassis. No time-consuming conversion is necessary before driving to the site of operation. The Revolutionary Two Ram Baler is driven to its place of operation by means of a remote control.

The material is pre-compressed with the two pre-compression flaps and then fed into the main compression chamber. The material is compressed with a pressure of 350 bar. Then the material is pressed into the wrapping chamber with the secondary press blade. With a direct film wrapper, the compacted material is packed and wrapped with stretch film without strapping during the pressing out process.

The Revolutionary Two Ram Baler is equipped with a highly efficient extraction system that extracts a volume flow of 7000 cubic metres. For the separated material from the filter pre-separator and bag filter, a waste screw conveyor with BigBag pick-up is mounted. Thus, no released dust penetrates to the outside.

Mobile baler for artificial mineral fibres

Until now, the packed waste containing KMF (artificial mineral fibres) was dumped in the designated area, covered with suitable material and only compacted by loading and later driving over it. With the help of the new two-way press, this waste is compacted about four times more.


The special feature of the press is that it is the only one of its kind in the world with negative pressure maintenance or active extraction of the entire processing process, so that no fibres are emitted. The exhaust air is cleaned by a multi-stage filter system (H14, separation efficiency > 99.995%).

The procedure:

The delivered KMF bags are taken out of the container individually with a special loading excavator with sorting grab and placed in the feed hopper without being destroyed. They then pass through a system of sluices into the press chamber. A main press compresses the waste in this chamber into a cuboid bale. This is pressed out of the pressing chamber by a secondary press and immediately wrapped in film.

The finished bale leaves the machine via another airlock on a conveyor belt. The result resembles a foiled straw bale as known from agriculture. The bales are then taken by a wheel loader with bale tongs to the nearby installation site and installed with little void space.



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