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// CHAIN BELT CONVEYOR - Reliable material transport

Effective width [mm]600 - 2000
Feeding sectionInfloor / Overfloor
Belt qualityEP400/3 4:2
Conveying speed [m/s]0,3 - 0,7
Material carriersSize and distance as required



Option Aufgabebunker: Europress Technologie für effiziente Materialhandhabung
Feeding area

Depending on the requirements and local conditions, we offer a ground-level feeding pit for easier and faster filling of the conveyor belt.


Option variable Nutzbreite und -länge: Europress Innovation im Detail
Variable Nutzbreite und –länge

Depending on the quantity and type of material, we design and manufacture the right conveyor belt for your conveying needs. The effective width and length are based exclusively on the customer's requirements.


Option Schwanenhals: Europress Lösung für flexible Materialzuführung

As a transition into the baler hopper, we are happy to install a gooseneck, which ensures trouble-free feeding of the baler and prevents blockages.


Growing with the challenges

Due to their stable and durable design, the chain conveyors are preferably used in the recycling industry. The high stability goes hand in hand with remarkable flexibility due to subsequent extension or conversion options according to the respective requirements. Carriers specially adapted to the material to be conveyed and different equipment variants ensure optimum conditions for every project. Reliable.

A strong construction

Our chain conveyors are excellently suited for the transport of loose and already baled bulk material in different, also large dimensions. The easy maintenance due to very good accessibility saves time and costs. Both the underfloor variant for operation without a lifting bucket and the overfloor variant with additional elevation of the side walls as material storage are possible. For filling the belt, this variant requires a lifting bucket or similar lifting device.


  • For feeding balers, sorting plants and pre-shredders
  • Usable widths from 600 to 2800 mm
  • Standard with M112 chain
  • Bolted wear rails on solid crossbars
  • Assembly even under spatially difficult conditions



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