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EUROPRESS on the road!

Big demonstration tour in the UK!

To further build our presence in the UK, we recently organized a demonstration tour of a hook-lift mobile channel baler (type EP Mobile 60 V) directly on site with customers.

We visited a total of four interested waste disposal companies with our machine and compacted various materials directly on site. Among other things, old big bags, silo films, plastics and RDF material were compacted into compact and stable bales.


Our machine was able to convince the British interested parties with its high standard equipment, such as the "press-plate closing slider". The slide ensures that both the upper lance openings in the press plate and the lower openings in the machine floor are always closed during pressing operation. This prevents fine-grained material from blocking the lance slots and hindering the tying process. Only when the desired bale length has been reached and the press plate is in the tying position does the slide open for the tying process. Another advantage of this process is that there is much less contamination underneath the baler.

In addition, customers have also noticed the very compact design. In order to be able to move the channel baler with a hook lift vehicle at any time, the design of the machine is of course inferior to the approved dimensions for road transport. However, this compact dimension also makes it interesting for stationary use, as the machine can find sufficient space in almost any hall.


Due to the impressive performance of the machine and the comprehensive explanation and advice, we succeeded in winning over one of the interested parties on site. The machine will soon find its use in Great Britain!


We are looking forward to further fruitful discussions with the other interested parties and are sure that we will soon "get the next demonstration tour rolling" in another country!

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