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Technical Data HP-B 210

Strapping6-Fold vertical
Press force210 Tons
Filling opening1.000 x 2.000 mm
Channel Cross-Section1.100 x 1.100 mm
Drive power45 - 3 x 75 kW
Bale weight750 - 1.900 kg
Bale lengthup to 2,2 m
Length15.500 mm
Width2.580 mm
Height3.900 mm
Total Weight 48 Tons


Weight capacity depending on bulk weight [theoretically] in tonnes per hour

20 - 30 kg/m³7 - 28
35 - 50 kg/m³12 - 47
60 kg/m³14 - 56
100 kg/m³24 - 93


Geschlossener Kolbenschieber: Europress Lösung für kontrollierte Ballenformung

To seal the press plate during compression, preventing any material from entering the lance guide slots, a hydraulically driven closure plate is installed on the press plate. This plate seals the needle slots throughout the pressing stroke and opens them only during the strapping process. This ensures a workflow free from wire cracks and reduces the need for cleaning and maintenance intervals.

Geöffneter Bodenschieber: Flexibilität in der Ballenproduktion mit Europress

For closing the bottom during the pressing process so that no material gets into the lance guide slots. Hydraulically driven closure plate installed under the bottom wear plates.


This closes the needle slots in the press floor during the press stroke. These needle slots are only opened during the strapping process.

As a result, we guarantee a wire-crack-free workflow and low cleaning and maintenance intervals.

Vorpressklappen geschlossen: Europress Lösung für kontrollierte Ballenformung
Pre-press flaps

Lateral two-part pre-compression flaps for effective pre-compression of difficult-to-cut materials.


Perforator von Europress: Präzise Durchlöcherung für optimale Ballen

Perforator for perforating and squeezing PET bottles, retractable from the side or rear.


The perforator is equipped with two drums that rotate in reverse direction shortly after each other and are equipped with over 1000 spikes.

The spikes are aligned so that the bottles are not jammed between them.

Hardox-Innenverkleidung: Materialauskleidung für höchste Ansprüche
Hardox interior lining

10 mm thick inner lining of the entire bale chamber made of wear-resistant steel in bolted design.


KMF-Sonderausstattung: Europress Innovation für spezielle Anforderungen
Special equipment for artificial mineral fibers

Equipment package to prepare the channel baler for approval in compressing artificial mineral fibers.

Naturally well strapped

Yarn strapping is a proven alternative to wire strapping. In these equally high-quality channel balers, yarn knotters take over the strapping after the baling process. This variant saves costs and enables immediate burning of the bales without prior opening. Accordingly, channel balers with yarn strapping are particularly suitable for compressing natural products such as hay, straw and plants.


A coordinated system

Various types of yarn are available for the channel balers with yarn strapping, which can be varied according to specific requirements. Biodegradable yarn can also be used. Like the wire-strapped models, these channel balers also have a high-performance bale shield that produces balanced bales of optimum size. The tuned geometry of the cutting edges reduces wear to a minimum. Easy access to all areas also enables efficient and thorough maintenance.


  • Pressing force between 60 and 210 tons
  • Stable construction of the base frame
  • Height adjustment of the press ram
  • Energy saving due to axial piston pump
  • Optional prepress flap technology



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