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Immerse yourself in the performance world of the Bulkhead press in the standard SPAL 180 format.

This large-format bulkhead baler, with a bale size of 700 x 1000 mm and an extended material feed chute, is impressively similar to its smaller siblings. With outstanding power, reliability and ease of maintenance, both formats offer an efficient solution for compacting sheet metal waste, significantly reducing storage and transport costs.

Discover the versatility and endurance of our large-format bulkhead compactors, which are efficient powerhouses especially in metal and aluminium processing as well as in the waste disposal and large-scale industry.

Technical data SPAL 180

Press force180 Tons
Filling opening1250 x 1100 mm
Channel cross-section700 x 1100 mm
Drive power45 kW
Bale weight400 - 500
Bale lengthup to 700 
Length7100 mm 
Width1800 mm
Height3345 mm
Total Weight25 Tons


Weight capacity depending on bulk density [theoretical] in tons per hour

20 - 30 kg/m³ 
35 - 50 kg/m³ 

Sheet metal becomes tight

As the bigger brother of the small-format bulkhead presses, our large-format bulkhead presses produce a bale size of 700 x 1000 mm and have a more extended material feed chute. In terms of power, reliability and ease of maintenance, the small and large formats are extremely similar. Both designs compact sheet metal waste efficiently and result in a reduction in storage and transport requirements.


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Optional accessories allow our bulkhead presses to be adapted to individual requirements. In the metal and aluminum processing industry as well as in waste disposal companies and large-scale industry, our large-format bulkhead presses prove to be efficient powerhouses that are reliable in use over a long period of time. The high ease of maintenance simplifies handling and reduces downtime. The low energy consumption proves to be another major advantage from which our customers benefit.


  • Height adjustment of the press ram
  • Energy saving due to axial piston pump
  • Control: ET 200 5 (Siemens)
  • Optional with remote control



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