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"State of Art" - HP 120 V5 H3 VK Channel Baler

Waste management companies often have many different recyclable fractions that have to be pressed into bales in order to save storage capacity and reduce handling costs. Often, these companies also offer the service "contract baling".

Often, very unusual fractions that are difficult to press are also fed into the channel balers.

Since each fraction behaves differently during the pressing process, a channel baler with many features is required to enable a flexible field of application for the machine.

Recently, our customer UWC Umweltservice Cham AG decided on such a channel baler from our company. 

The managing director, Mr. Michael Schmid, approached us in order to find a suitable machine for his needs together with us. It quickly became clear during the first discussion that only a channel baler from our HP series would be suitable for this purpose. The HP series already has a very high level of machine equipment as standard. In addition to the fully gimballed main baling cylinder, the screwed Hardox full lining should also be mentioned here.

Also standard: Height-adjustable pressure plate for cutting gap adjustment and very easy access to the rollers of the pressure plate.

Due to the materials to be pressed, the machine was designed as a VK variant.

In this case, pre-compressor flaps with a pressing force of 50 t are used with separate activation. 

The "with or without" principle of the pre-compressor flaps is "state of the art" in the pressing technology currently available worldwide.

For the configuration of the drive, two axial piston pumps and an auxiliary unit were installed. The throughput rates are correspondingly high.

A 5-fold vertical binding system with a 3-fold horizontal cross binding system was chosen. Reliable hold with all fractions is thus guaranteed.

A piston slide on the press plate and hydraulic closing slides prevent material from entering the needle slots during the pressing process.  This reduces wear on the lance heads immensely and ensures a trouble-free tying process. 

An additionally mounted knife bar slide prevents material residues, especially liquids, from getting into the tying area. During the pressing process, the knife bar is protected by this hydraulic slide and only opens for the tying or cutting process of the wire. 

A chain belt conveyor with a suitable useful width of 2,000 mm and a total length of 22 metres completes the system and allows a continuous feeding of the press. 

With this all-round channel baler Europress HP 120 V5 H3 VK, the 

UWC Umweltservice Cham AG will be able to compact all the recyclable materials it produces over the next few years without any worries.

We would like to thank you once again for the pleasant cooperation and look forward to a successful, joint future!