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Introduction Windchill PDMLINK 11.1 with Creo Data Management / Introduction CREO 7.0

Despite the difficult situation in 2020, the Neuenhauser Group, more precisely the locations Neuenhauser Maschinenbau GmbH, Neuenhauser Kompressorenbau, as well as the company EUROPRESS in Lathen, decided to replace the existing PDM/PLM system with a new system. Particularly in view of the future in the direction of IOT and "digital twin", the obvious solution was to implement this with our long-standing partner, the company INNEO Solutions. The new Windchill PDMLINK 11.1 system is fully compatible with the CREO CAD system already in use. In order to reflect the latest state of the art here as well, the update from CREO 2.0 to CREO 7.0 is being carried out at the same time.

It goes without saying that all users, administrators and key users involved will be trained. Under the existing special circumstances, we will carry this out in week 48 from 23.11.2020 to 27.11.2020 for some of those involved. The aim is to have a tool that meets the future challenges of the market and also our requirements at that time, after the outstanding training of the users who will be trained in the second half of 2021.

This project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.