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Due to the ever-increasing interest in the grouting of artificial mineral fibers, such as glass and rock wool, we are devoting ourselves to this topic.

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Our first channel baler for pressing this material was delivered in 2016. As the machine was designed to be mobile, we decided to exhibit the baler together with our customer at the IFAT trade fair before it was put into operation; the interest of the visitors was gigantic!

This exhibition was an important milestone for us. The continuous and ever-increasing interest of landfill sites, demolition companies and waste disposal companies has already brought us several great projects in a wide variety of designs.

We saw this great response from our customers and interested parties as reason enough to personally come by with a mobile channel baler for KMF compression.

Our mobile channel baler EP 60 V5 has been redesigned to reduce material discharge during the pressing process to a minimum.

Our tried-and-tested piston-bottom slide principle is once again an essential part of the machine. Compared to conventional balers, the lance slots are closed both above and below the bale ram during the baling process. They only open during the tying process.

Due to the extensive equipment of the channel baling presses, all other common materials can of course be pressed in addition to glass and rock wool.

In addition to four planned locations, we were spontaneously asked by other customers whether a demonstration at their own yard was possible. Thanks to our high flexibility and the great commitment of our team, this was of course no problem.

On this tour, many new enquiries arose, from which some great projects could emerge.

Whether fully automatic, stationary systems or all-round self-sufficient, mobile channel balers in various sizes, we always build according to customer wishes and necessity.

We would like to thank you again for the immense interest in our products and look forward to a flawless cooperation!